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Rishon Le’Zion

City Hall Building

City Hall

Status: Completed


Rishon Le-Zion


2003 - 2010


City Hall of Rishon Le-Zion


22,000 sqm



50 million USD

Sharon Architects originally designed the Rishon Le’Zion City Hall project in the early 1990s according to guidelines provided by the city's administration, which sought to build a conservative building that would project to the surroundings an air of a government establishment.

When architect Arad Sharon undertook the continued design of the building in 2003, he initiated a radical change with the goal of creating a building that would reflect the concept of “transparency to the public in municipal government.”

A 22,000 glass-roofed city hall building with a brie-soleil façade of aluminum for shading, which expresses the concept of the transparency of the municipal government to the public.


The assembly hall clad with red aluminum is an important landmark that is visible from everywhere in the city. An oval atrium has been designed in the heart of the building with a red vertical wall like an internal “fold” of the assembly hall. The atrium allows natural light and air to penetrate all levels of the building.

The main entrance provides access to the urban gallery intended for exhibitions.

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