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Samy offer Heart Building -

Tel Aviv MC


Ruth Rappaport Children's



Emergency Room



Hyperbaric center


Mayanei Hayeshua

Medical Center


Maternity center


Staff hosting Assaf harofeh MC


The New

Neurological Center


International Children Healing Campus


Residential Tower


Convention Center, Hotels and Theme Park


A National Courthouse In Jerusalem


Rishon Le’Zion

City Hall Building


Rehabilitation center


Research center

Public Space
Concept Designs

Projects list

Two hospitals in India

Winning a competition to design in the city of Siliguri 200 beds hospital 20,000 sqm and in the city of Calcuta 500 beds hospital 50,000 sqm.

Ma’ayanei Hayeshua M.C. (Bnei-Brak)

Main hospitalization tower 80,000 sqm - winning a competition.

The estimated budget for this project is 200 million $.

Renovation of the existing building and an addition of a new floor, 15,000 sqm.

Tel-Aviv M.C. (Ichilov)

Sammy Ofer Heart Center (with Ranni Zeiss architects), 60,000 sqm budget of 200 million $.

The new children clinics, partially as a renovation of an existing building as well as adding a new section to it. In total 15,000 sqm.

New kitchen and offices for the hospital’s staff.

The design of 10 new operation rooms (in total there will be 25 operation rooms in the M.C.)

Residential tower for hospital staff  & offices above the existing southern parking building, 35,000 sqm.

The expansion of the obstetrics wing, partially adding and partially renovating the “Soraski” building, 4000 sqm.

Renovations and “face lifting” all over the medical center.

The new maternity center,600 sqm 25 million$

New emergency room 8,000 sqm.

Rambam M.C. (Haifa)

The Ruth Children Hospital, 17,000 sqm – winning a competition.

Peacetime parking for 15000 cars and wartime aerial hospital for 2000 beds, 60,000 sqm.

The expansion and renovation of the emergency room building including the design of a new internal ward.

Redesign of the M.C. master plan which includes the Ruth children hospital, the new cancer center, cardiology building and a research tower.

Assaf Harofe M.C. 

The Yitzhak Shamir Institute for Comprehensive Trauma Care, 10,000 sqm.

“Asif” school for disabled children, 6,000 sqm.

Maternity hotel and children clinics, 4,500 sqm.

Main kitchen renovation.

Nurses’ school and dormitories renovation.

New building for medical staff- 15.000 sqm.

New Hyperbaric center 6,000 sqm.

Soroka M.C. (Be’er-Sheva)

Children hospital, 17,000 sqm.

Obstetrics & genecology hospital , 20,000 sqm (with 24 new delivery rooms).

New emergency room, 6,000 sqm.

Hadasa Ein-Karem (Jerusalem)

New emergency room, 6,000 sqm.

New research center 8,000 sqm.

New rehabilitation building 6,000 sqm. 

Helicopter landing pad above a new large hospitalization building we completed recently.

Wolfson M.C.

Renovation of an hospitalization ward in the main building, 1500 sqm.

Internal ward and intensive care unit in the main building, 2500 sqm.

Renovation of the existing emergency room, 2000 sqm.

Hillel Yafe M.C.  Design of a covered passage.

Rishon le Zion municipality building 16,000 sqm

Asuta hospital (Rishon Lezion)

Renovation of the former Amreican medical center, 3000 sqm.

The new neurological center in Tel- Hashomer M.C. 3,000 sqm

International children healing campus in the Israeli/Jorden border 200,000 sqm

Convention center, Hotels and Theme Park in Calabar - Nigeria 60,000 sqm 

A national courthouse in Jerusalem competition

Local Hospital in Um el Fahem 

Housing buildings

Tel-aviv , 14 Yehudith st., 1500 sqm.

Hod Hasharon, 9 apartments building, 2000 sqm.

Earthquake proof reinforcement of existing housing buildings in the frame

of the 38 national master plan.

Projects list
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