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Rehabilitation center


Status: Planning for execution


Soroka MC


7,500 sqm


Be’er Sheva


due for completion 2020


30 million USD

The new rehabilitation building, whose construction cost 30 million dollars, and which covers a total area of 7,500 sq. meters, is part of the medical center's northern complex, together with the new research building and the new sheltered NICU building.

The rehabilitation building is located between the new research building and the existing Internal Medicine F Ward / Geriatrics Ward building.

The building is a prominent urban icon and faces Ben Gurion Blvd. – the street separating between the Ben Gurion University of the Negev and the medical center.

A red shading element, resembling an A.K.G. graph, climbs across the rehabilitation building's façade and shades its windows. The building is coated in white aluminum and dark contrasting glass. Each floor in the rehabilitation building covers an area of 2,500 sq. meters. The building includes two floors above a basement floor.

The building's technical areas were placed on the basement floor. The basement is linked by a technical tunnel to the basements of the NICU building and the research building.

A rehabilitation pool and a hydrotherapy facility were located on the ground floor, together with the entrance lobby and the main entrance to the building from the North – from the direction of the medical center and the service areas.

The first floor includes a rehabilitation ward for adults: which includes a rehabilitation apartment, physiotherapy sessions and an urban balcony facing Ben Gurion Blvd. – all for the benefit of the residents of the ward. A patio yard was planned at the center of the ward in order to allow sunlight into the various areas of the ward.

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