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Sharon Architects is a creative and leading Architectural firm specializing in health care and public buildings design in Israel and over seas.

sharon gur zeev

Sharon Gur Zeev

Architect Sharon Gur-Ze’ev, M.Arch from “The Berlage institute”, Rotterdam and a graduate of The Technion, Haifa, joined the firm as a partner in 2010. Sharon is involved in the managing the firm and in the designing processes. She has introduced parametric design software to the company’s work methods.


Arad Sharon

Architect Arad Sharon, a graduate of the A.A. School of Architecture in London. He is the third generation of his family to manage the firm (since 1994), after his grandfather, company founder the late Arieh Sharon (a Bauhaus graduate & winner of the Israeli prize for Architecture) and his father, the late Eldar Sharon (second generation), who joined the firm as a partner in the 1960s. Arad used to teach Architecture in the Tel-Aviv University, The Technion and several more leading design schools.

The firm currently employs a staff of 20 world class urban planners, architects, interior designers and engineering technicians all working on AutoCAD & Revit (3D) software.  

Sharon Architects, founded by Arieh Sharon the father of modern Israeli architecture and Israel Prize for Architecture winner, is one of the oldest architectural design firms in Israel. Since it was founded 75 years ago, it has specialized in the design of public buildings in Israel and overseas, which include conference centers, medical centers, universities, residential neighborhoods and residential towers, retirement homes, schools, libraries, museums, movie theaters, hotels, outline plans and cultural buildings. The firm also specializes in interior design, artistic design and environmental development projects.


Brenner house 1934 - 1935

Cooperative housing 1933 - 1936

Technion – Churchill building & Forum 1954 - 1960

Sharon plan – First master plan of Israel 1953


Soroka health center, Beersheba 1955-1959


IFE University Nigeria 1962 - 1972

Arieh Sharon’s son, Architect Eldar Sharon, joined the firm in 1965, after collaborating with Zvi Hecker and Prof. Neumann, on the design of important architectural landmarks in Israel:  Club Med in Achziv, Bat-Yam City Hall and the Dubiner Building in Ramat-Gan.

Eldar brought to the partnership and to the firm the "anti-functional rebellion" in architecture. The simple buildings of the international style characterizing the architectural statement of Arieh Sharon became more intricate and geometrical, creating spaces that included geometrical experiments combined with morphological elements taken from the world of nature

Bank of Israel Headquarters, Jerusalem 1966 - 1974

Bat Yam City Hall 1960 - 1963

Medical School, Tel Aviv University 1967 - 1972

Dubiner Apartment House 1961 - 1966

Hotel Kinarot 1965 - 1971

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