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Staff hosting

Assaf harofeh MC


Status: Completed


Be'er Yaakov


Assaf Harofeh MC




3500 sqm


10 million USD

The location of the living quarters allows the building to align perfectly with the medical center's building plan. The building is located in a green area near an old large Eucalyptus tree located at the Southern end of the medical center.

The development of the area surrounding the building creates an effective link between the new living quarters and the four staff living quarter building already existing around it. The new building is a rectangular and linear block placed in a North/South orientation, which is optimal when it comes to climate control, since it prevents direct sunlight from shining into the apartments from the East and West.

The building is located on a route leading to the Bait Shalom teaching and learning center, and creates a physical link between the center and the two new classrooms located in the new building on the ground floor. Further development of the area will link the building to the other four living quarter buildings which already exist in the complex.

A mediating space was planned at the heart of the living block, offering natural light coming in from the roof of the building, and with a system of "scenic" staircases – which will be easy to navigate and accessible. The openings in the corridor floors will allow the natural light to shine all the way through the mediating space.

The suggested linear block will be a prominent architectural icon in the area, and it was planned with a second façade, lined with shaded balconies painted orange in order to create privacy for the residents.

A large open space is planned for the ground floor. This will be used as a meeting and gathering place, and will create a public North/South passage through the building. The open floor creates an intimate space defining both the separation and the link between private and public and exterior and interior. The open floor was also planned to include entrances leading to the classrooms and the main lobby of the living quarters.

In total, 40 apartments have been planned: 15 with an area of 20 sq. meters, 20 with an area of 39 sq. meters and 5 at an area of 52 sq. meters.

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