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Sagol Center - 

Hyperbaric Medicine


Status: Completed


Beer Yaakov


Assaf HaRofeh MC


2012 - 2017


20 million USD


3000 sqm

Sagol Center of Hyperbaric Medicine and Research was founded at Assaf Harofeh / Shamir Medical Center. The aluminum-encased building, featuring an entrance pergola planned as a "loggia" for the welfare of the patients and the staff, which serves as an architectural icon at the entrance to the medical center.

The institute offers high-pressure oxygen treatments assisting those who suffer from various conditions, ailments and medical problems.

The institute includes, on the ground floor: a hall containing two of the world's largest pressure chambers and an array of reception, treatment and research rooms. The second floor houses an institute for neurocognitive research and therapy.

On the first floor, the School of Physiotherapy is being established.

The total area of the project is approximately 2,750 sqm.

In 2019 construction begins on a new ward, to be situated next to Sagol Center.

The new ward includes an additional hall for 2 of the world's largest pressure chambers for treating 48 patients simultaneously.

A floor has been planned for a neurocognitive research center and an imaging institute including an MRI. The total area of the new project: 3,000 sqm, and in the future, two additional floors in the building are planned, in a total area of approximately 1,800 sqm.

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