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Cardiology Building

Mayanei Hayeshua MC


Status: Completed


Bnei Brak


2010 - 2018


Mayanei Hayeshua MC



10,500 sqm



30 million USD

The building was planned as an urban icon‭, ‬facing the public space of the city of Bnei Brak‭. ‬The building's façade features integrated‭ "‬heart chambers‭" ‬‮–‬‭ ‬spatial elements encased in red aluminum‭.‬


The main entrance façade‭, ‬which faces the public square containing the healing garden and spice garden‭, ‬provides entry into the‭ ‬new building and into the commercial center planned to be established on the ground floor‭.‬

On the eastern façade which faces Geha Road‭, ‬design elements and terraces have been integrated for the welfare of the patients and the staff‭, ‬as well as a bridge connecting the visitors‭' ‬parking lot with the commercial center‭, ‬through which one can enter the hospital‭.‬


The building's construction was completed in 2019‭. ‬The building includes two parking basements which turn into an emergency hospital sized at 4,000‭ ‬sqm and above the parking lot 3‭ ‬floors for the cardiological array‭, ‬general intensive care and an inpatient‭ ‬ward of a total area of 5,000‭ ‬sqm‭.‬

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