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Emergency Room

Tel Aviv MC (Ichilov)


Status: Planning for execution


Tel - Aviv  MC


8,500 sqm


Ranni Ziss Architects


Tel Aviv




40 million USD

The project, constructed in floors, serves as an icon of Tel Aviv, projecting optimism outward to the public space of Weizmann Street. On the façade facing Weizmann Street, a ramp is planned which would scale the entire height of the building and lead the visiting public to a healing garden and to coffeeshops and restaurants located on the building's roof.

The project includes renovation of the entrance floor (Level Minus One) for 4 halls to house 100 beds including an imaging unit as well as auxiliary and service rooms.

Additionally, new construction on the ground floor includes a new ambulance parking space, an entrance and waiting hall, reception offices, triage, a shock/trauma hall containing 6 stations.


Below that floor, a new protected technical basement is planned, intended to house machine rooms. On the upper ground floor (situated above the entrance floor), a ward is planned for an ambulatory emergency room and the First Floor is planned to house a short-term supervised hospitalization unit.


The building's façades were coated with climate glass, which integrates with the architectural language of the Sammy Ofer Heart Center. Execution of Stage A will commence in 2019. The project's area – renovation of existing emergency room at 4,000 sqm and additional new construction – 4,300 sqm.

In total, 8,300 sqm. Estimated cost of the project: NIS 115 million.

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