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The New

Maternity center


Status: Completed


Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv MC



2014 - 2018


25 million USD


5,000 sqm


The project includes an additional floor on 3 fingers / Sourasky wards for maternity inpatient wards and a protected natal care unit situated on the entrance building facing the western façade (B1C1).

The project was planned at a high level of hospital hotel standards. The building's spacious halls were situated to face the Medical Center's eastern façade, so that each ward uses soft-hued colors which contribute to the sense of belonging at the structure and to the mood of the women giving birth and of the medical staff. The inpatient rooms feature a planned hospitalization bed for the woman giving birth as well as a bed for the chaperone. The room was planned at a very high level of hospital hotel standards, and features integrated relaxing colors.


The area of the project is approximately 5,000 sqm, and it was planned on the Revit 3D software. Stage B consists of a planned renovation of two existing maternity wards and of the existing delivery rooms. The project's estimated cost is approximately NIS 120 million.

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