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The New

Neurological Center

Concept Design

Status: Completed


Tel Hashomer


Sheba MC





24 million USD


6000 sqm

The new Neurological center, extending on an area of 6,000sqm was designed using parametric computer software for the purpose of creating a unique and iconic building that reminds in its morphology the human brain. 

The building is cladded with a “smart envelope” that changes according to the directions of the sun & the wind and creates an envelope that protects the interior spaces of the building. The envelope, made from low emission glass (LOW-E) creates a magnificent architectonic statue that will serve as an element of entrance to the entire medical campus of Tel Ha’Shomer which is one of the largest Medical Centers in Israel. The building was designed to “float” above the existing building of institutes and clinics (a building from the 1970s) and it will be connected to the neurological department and the main hospitalization building by a bridge and the building of clinics by elevator shafts and stairs.

The first floor was planned to consist electromechanical systems, the second floor is the entrance and waiting area and applied research laboratories. The second floor will include a network of medical clinics, the third floor – day care departments and the fourth floor will consist of an auditorium – one of the most advanced of its kind worldwide, aimed at hosting international conferences and events.  

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