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International Children Healing Campus

Concept Design

Status: Completed


Dead Sea -

Jorden boarder


Terodyne Company




1 Billion USD


200,000 sqm

We created a unique new medical city in the desert. The medical city is a "desert oasis". A variety of medical buildings surround an artificial lake allowing an essential use of the water, such as different water sports and landscape views.

The water of the lake helps greatly to cool the buildings in the warm desert climate. 

The different medical buildings that are located around the artificial lake: an Academic Center (30,000 sqm), Biomedical research complex (10,000 sqm), a center for "all religions" (6,000 sqm), a shopping mall (3,000 sqm), a hotel (10,000 sqm) and 3 international children hospitals (120,000 sqm). A small golf court is located in the center of the housing complex designed especially for the staff of the new city.

The campus sustainable design relates to the desert extreme conditions. We took many factors into consideration including: water efficiency, renewable energy sources, sustainable materials use, and outdoor and indoor air quality. The buildings are linked by the perforated roof. All the facades are double skinned and change parametrically according to the buildings orientation to the sun. Water and greenery help to cool the campus climate.  Wind is allowed to penetrate and cool the campus, while sand storms are blocked.  Solar energy is harvested by photoelectric cells integrated in the buildings elements.

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