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Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital


Status: Completed




Rambam MC


18,000 sqm


2012 - 2018


60 million USD


The new children's hospital, is a milestone in the design of medical institutions. The building was designed with sensitivity to the needs of the child, the parent accompanying him 24 hours a day, and the attending medical staff.

The 18,000 sqm. new children's hospital is designed as a simple, white monolithic cube, partly recessed "like a pitted avocado". Two atriums are planned in the empty recess, one above the other. The lower consist of a lobby, a children's science museum, auditorium for showing films, coffee shop and shopping areas. The upper atrium will be four stories high, designed as a huge chess board faced with red and white tiles. Elements such as waiting areas, internet stations and air-condition units designed as chess pieces will be positioned on top of the "chess board". Some of the rooms protruding into the recess, like colorful theater boxes, will overlook the atriums which serve as stages of activity. The atrium spaces were designed with emphasis on creating an atmosphere of familiarity and intimate belonging to help ease the distress that accompanies a visit to the hospital.


Each floor will have its own special theme, such as a sea floor, a forest floor, etc. Each floor will be characterized by a different color. This style of design invokes a sense of belonging that is so important for the children being hospitalized in their specific wards. It also creates a coherent architectural language that stimulates the children's imagination.

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